Contract Manager(東京)【世界160ヵ国に展開するグローバル企業】


社名 *******
勤務地 東京都
年収 600万円 ~ 700万円


JOB ID 361710
職種区分 購買・物流・貿易系 / SCM企画・物流企画・需要予測、貿易業務(輸出入業務・通関など)、その他物流・購買系職種
Manage and lead Specific Operation at Tatsumi DC Operations by implementing CEVA Excellence

・Achieve Business Plan of Gross Revenue Gross Margin and EBITDA of the assigned Customer’s operation
・Manage and lead the assigned operation by:
- Leading LEAN implementation to improve and optimize operation efficiency and reduce cost of operation.
- Bringing advanced technology of Logistics operation
- Supervising the operation sites to achieve KPI agreed with Customer and enhancing customer satisfaction.
・Has responsibility to be a key person to communicate Customer related Operation matter.
・Demonstrate ability and capability of people management at the assigned operation including CEVA employees and Contract persons
・Setting up adequate infrastructure including warehousing MHE and people and responsible for getting necessary approval
・Providing appropriate training opportunities of operation members
・Generating and submitting monthly Invoice to Customer in time.
求められる経験 ・At least 5 years experiences of Warehouse Management position
・Good communication skill

雇用形態 正社員(期間の定めなし)
年収 年収 600万円 ~ 700万円
賞与 [回数] 2 [昨年実績] 3.5ヶ月分 [メモ]
勤務時間 09:00-17:45
[実働時間] 07時間45分
[残業時間] ~30
休日 土 日 祝日
年間休日 122 日
有給休暇12日~20日 年末年始(12/30~1/3)


事業内容 航空会社、船舶会社の貨物運送代理業、貨物運送取扱事業、通関業、貨物自動車運送業、損害保険代理業、倉庫業
業種分類 陸運、海運、航空、倉庫業・梱包業、その他運輸・物流系、その他業種


学歴 不問